Vic Long is a media executive with a young family and a bright future. But when a petty crime throws a strange light on the world he has made, he begins to question the very facts of his existence.
"A mind bending puzzle box conceived in part to demonstrate that big ideas are far more important than big budgets, REALITi plays like the bastard love child of Rod Serling and George Orwell as filtered through the classic New Wave." -- Todd Brown, Fantastic Fest 
"In a banner year for New Zealand genre films, REALITi stands out as a sober, serious minded science-fiction concept served in plain clothes. By downplaying its genre trappings in favor of a more grounded approach, REALITi delivers an emotional sucker-punch while still giving viewers plenty to puzzle over." – Doug Dillaman, The Lumiere Reader 
"This is a deliberately paced mind bender ... A societal science fiction horror film. Now, it isn't horror in the bogeyman sense, it's horror because the idea of chemicals that can reprogram your perception of reality toward a corporate or governmental agenda is not only terrifying, but ingested intelligence is something that some scientists and tech watchers are predicting as being something that will be in our world in very short order. We've heard that the powers that be have figured out how to suppress and alter memories and this film plays with that disconcerting reality. Nathan Meister does a great job of being off center throughout the film. He's having colliding realities that are not discernable to his senses, but he's feeling things are slipping. He's trying to understand what happened to him, and navigating this bad trip is... well, the fun of this film. The more you hang in there, the more you're rewarded." – Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News.
REALITi premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival 2014 and was selected to screen at Fantastic Fest 2014. It was nominated in five categories in the 2014 New Zealand Film Awards: Best Self Funded Film; Best Actress: Best Actor; Best Score; Best Screenplay.